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EditTips for Playing Celeste

  • Wall jumping does not use your stamia
  • Green crystals restore your dash AND stamina.

  • Your controller will vibrate in intervals with your stamina. Since there is no visual meter for stamina, this is a way to keep track of it.
  • Flying strawberries will scare away if you dash on screen. Sometimes you meed to scare the Strawberry out of hiding and toward you (i.e. Chapter 3)
  • Strawberries will lock in when they "feel safe."
  • If you lock in a strawberry, it stays locked in for the entire level, even if you die immediately after securing it.
  • Quitting out of a level will keep any strawberries (and deaths) you accumulated during that run.
  • There are no collectibles in the B Side levels. Just focus on surviving the platforming gauntlet and making it to the end!
  • Every chapter has sub-chapters that you can select as a starting point after completing it one time. The start of these are marked in the levels with a small image of Celeste Mountain in the background.
  • After beating a chapter, the pause menu has a strawberry meter that marks what you have collected in this run in red, previous runs in blue, and undiscovered strawberries with a gray dash. Subchapters are marked with gray columns.
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