What Cake Decorating Supplies Do I Need?

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Q: I would like to start decorating cakes and cupcakes for fun and would like to know what supplies I should buy. I’m at a total loss for what kind of tips, bags, etc that I would need. I would also love some trustworthy brands to turn to.

Sent by Jenny

Editor: What a fun new project! There are a few cake-decorating basics you should definitely pick up:

Large Offset Spatula – For spreading icing on cakes
Small Offset Spatula – For spreading icing on cupcakes and smaller detail work
Balloon Whisk – For preparing fillings, icings, and whipped creams
Pastry Scraper – Useful for transferring cake layers and
Piping Bags – Get two or three as it’s always handy to have a spare!
Piping Tips – A large round, a small round, and a star will get you started
Tweezers – For precision when adding candies and the like

Ateco and Wilton are two good brand names to keep an eye out for. They are also widely available online and at kitchen supply stores.

Readers, what other decorating tools would you add?

(Image: Faith Durand )