HAB Furniture

Whole premise of modern furniture is forgotten, but people still buy it.

Modern furniture was supposed to be cheap and affordable. Only Ikea seems to remember that. Anyway, this is nice stuff and I would keep my eye on HAB design and check out Nienkamper in Canada.

The architects Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe will unveil their HAB line of furniture Feb. 12 through 15 in Toronto at the Interior Design Show. The plywood HAB Chair is $1,950. A 42-inch-square coffee table is $1,300. Both from Nienkamper, (800)668-9318 or, and in March in New York at the ICF Group showroom, 920 Broadway (20th Street), (212)388-1000. The limited edition HAB Bug Lamp (above right) has resin discs coated with glowing phosphorescent powder; available from HAB in three heights — 12, 261/2 and 32 inches: ($1,200 and up.) Information: (416)967-6272. RAUL A. BARRENECHE