Traditions: To Keep or To Change?

2011_11_28-tradition.jpg After a large gathering or holiday, I like to spend a bit of time reflecting on what worked, what didn’t work, surprises, and traditions.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we always go on a walk and pull out a board game with pie and coffee afterwards. This year, everyone was too tired to pull out the board game and instead of forcing ourselves to get into it because it’s what we always do — we just didn’t. And everyone was o.k. with that.

Traditions are a funny thing. On a lovely blog called Remedial Eating, Molly Hays talks about her family’s Halloween this year, noting, “And that’s when I remembered the important thing about traditions, that they’re only as good as the happy they bring. And sometimes that looks like repeating what was. And sometimes that looks like forgetting all that.”

It’s nice to feel like you can recreate holiday traditions to accommodate new guests, maturing tastes, and changing times. It’s important to find a balance in the way that you always do things and allowing some sense of newness to creep in. I think that’s one way to keep the holidays dynamic and, dare I say, a little magical?

(Image: Megan Gordon)