Thursday Giveaway: Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re stretching summer out for as long as we can. Today we’re getting some help from British food writing star Elizabeth David.

We’re giving away one copy of a classic: Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David, reprinted by The New York Review of Books. To enter, please post a comment here. Tell us about a summer food you’d planned to cook, but haven’t made yet this season.

To win, your comment must be posted by 5 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow (August 31). We’ll choose one winner at random and will email the winner directly to get a mailing address. The winning comment must be about summer cooking plans.

Read on for our thoughts on the book …

We so admire Elizabeth David’s cookbooks. We reviewed her sensible Christmas cookbook last winter. She taught British cooks in the 1950’s about the pleasure of fresh, local ingredients. Her recipes manage to be both frugal and festive.

In the introduction to David’s Summer Cooking, Molly O’Neil describes Elizabeth David’s recipes as: “broad strokes on a canvas — she leaves the details to the cook, and for this reason, her recipes are neither dated nor dowdy, they are alive.” Like a summer escape, David’s recipes, written in paragraph form, are freeing and leave lots of room for inspiration.

The book includes a chapter on proper picnics (“Before deciding on the food, its packing and transport must be planned.”), advice on playing with summer herbs (“To those who cannot grow their own herbs, the arrival of a country friend bringing fresh garden herbs … [is] a matter of great urgency.”), and an intro Molly O’Neil.

For those who don’t win, but still want to spend the last of the summer with Elizabeth David, the book is available on for under $10.