This Is the Most Ridiculous Grilling Accessory That I Actually Really Want

(Image Credit: Mia Yakel/Kitchn)

There are a lot of silly grilling tools and accessories out there in the world. Do you really need a special hot dog spiralizer when you can use our directions and two tools you already have on hand? Or a personalized meat brander that may or may not work? Or a basket for corn cobs, which can just sit directly on the grates? See? So many silly things!

You really only need a spatula, tongs, and a meat thermometer. (And a grill basket if you plan on making smaller veggies that could fall through the grates.) Oh, and obviously a grill. I know this. And yet, I’m still oddly lusting after these ridiculously unnecessary propane tank covers on Etsy.

(Image Credit: KellyCrafts82)

See, even the sleekest grills are just not all that great-looking. They don’t do much to decorate a patio. And don’t even get me started on propane tanks, which usually have way too much branding (have you seen the one with the cartoon rhino?). Even though mine is relatively hidden by a shelf, you can still see the tank if you’re looking at the grill from the back. So when I found these covers on Etsy for just $20, I really thought about putting one in my cart. And I’m still thinking about it.

Buy: Propane Tank Cover, $20 at Etsy

Etsy Seller KellyCrafts82 has 29 different patterns and they’re all made to order. I especially like Navajo, the Patriotic Chevron (for 4th of July!), and the Gold Pineapple.

(Image Credit: Target)

Of course, this sent me down a rabbit hole and I started looking to see if there were other propane tank covers out there that I liked more. The answer: nope! Well, Target has this one that I actually really love, but it’s $99. That’s a lot of money to justify and it actually wouldn’t fit in the grill we have. The one from Etsy wouldn’t change anything about the setup and it would add just a little bit of flare (flare! When talking about grills!) that would make me smile.

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