Power Hour Meal Prep: Vegetarian

I've been doing my own lazy version of meal prepping for a while now — tossing together lunches at 9 p.m. on a Monday while I halfway watch The Bachelor, or slicing veggies and fruit for a snack the night before I plan to eat them. So it wasn't until I dove into a true Power Hour session that I understood the real value of meal prep: how it vastly frees up my week ahead, puts me in full control over my meals, and in turn makes me a much less stressed person. With the exception of some fish or shellfish here and there, I eat a mostly plant-based diet, and everything I meal prep is vegetarian (most seafood doesn't lend itself well to advanced prep). Breakfast and lunches are my biggest meal prep priorities, but I like to get ahead on weeknight dinners, too. This plan will help you prep a week's worth of vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and mix-and-match dinner components in just under two hours.