Look! Make Your Own Maple Cream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We polished off another small bottle of maple syrup with a post Thanksgiving brunch and I just had a feeling I’d need more sooner rather than later. If I had only listened to myself and picked up a bottle I could have whipped up a bit of maple cream tonight! Read on for the surprisingly simple (only one key ingredient!) recipe.

Doesn’t the thought of thick maple cream spread on freshly baked pound cake sound like something worth trying? America’s Test Kitchen shared a simple recipe for the stuff on their blog and it couldn’t be easier. The key is stirring heated maple syrup for 10-15 minutes by hand. I know: it doesn’t sound so simple anymore. But this is exactly why electric mixers were invented.

Have you ever made maple cream?

Get the recipe: Homemade Maple Cream at America’s Test Kitchen Feed

(Images: Andrea Geary/America’s Test Kitchen Feed )