The Quaker Oats Guy Gets Photoshopped

In an effort to keep the Quaker brand “fresh and innovative,” parent company PepsiCo gave Larry, the jolly old man on the cover of every Quaker Oats box, a makeover. The new Larry has shorter hair, a thinner face, and looks about five to ten years younger. See a before and after below:


You’ll notice Larry now has shoulders, intended to make “him seem stronger and more vibrant,” says Michael Connors, the vice president of Hornall Anderson, the brand-design firm in charge of the update. Other changes: Larry’s neck stayed the same, but the haircut just “makes him look thinner.” The double chin is gone, and the skin smoothed out, which takes off about five pounds and makes Larry look years younger. But, lest he look too young, the design firm left Larry’s crow’s feet and “a little sparkle in his eye.” Pretty good for a guy who’s 134 years old!

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(Images: PepsiCo via WSJ)