This Ina Garten-Themed Bachelorette Party in the Hamptons Is Everything

(Image Credit: Nikki Garvey)

I’ve planned a grand total of one bachelorette party in my lifetime and if you asked me (before today) if I would do it all over again, I would have said ‘are you out of your damn mind?’ But after seeing Ina Garten’s latest Instagram post highlighting this perfectly executed Barefoot Contessa-themed bachelorette weekend in Sag Harbor, CAN WE TURN BACK TIME PLEASE?

Don’t get me wrong. My sister’s bachelorette party was great. We took a party bus to a nearby vineyard, drank wine, ate cheese, took pictures, and made it home before sundown so we could all sleep in our own beds. (Honestly, Ina would have been proud.) But let’s say we had a hot tub time machine… You bet your bottom dollar that this maid of honor would be dragging all of her sister’s closest friends to Sag Harbor with matching over-sized chambray shirts and high-sheen chestnut bob wigs to recreate this masterpiece!!! Look, even Jeffrey (Ina’s husband) and Michael (Ina’s florist from Bridgehampton Florist) are in attendance. Let’s get this party started! Someone make a tray of whiskey sours and break out the Outrageous Brownies!

This brilliant idea is all thanks to the lovely friends and family of Nikki Garvey, who put together a surprise dinner party for the last night of Nikki’s bachelorette weekend in Sag Harbor. “My sister Jess and best friend Tanya came up with the idea months ago and have been planning ever since. They even arranged for caterers to make my favorite Ina recipes,” Nikki tells us. “It was French onion dip, tomato bruschetta, blinis with smoked salmon, skillet lemon chicken, portobello mushroom white lasagna, asparagus bundles with prosciutto, and strawberry rhubarb crumble.”


The surprise party reveal might just be our favorite part of it all though: “I was led out blindfolded and as the Barefoot Contessa theme music played, they revealed the table full of Inas!” says Nikki.

The only thing missing is Ina… who totally would have attended had her invite not been lost in the mail. If only they had known!

Nikki's friends even superimposed her face on to a copy of Cook Like a Pro. (Image Credit: Nikki Garvey)

“All I can say is that I have the best friends,” Nikki says. “My friend Logan who was dressed as Michael (The Bridgehampton Florist) flew in all the way from Singapore just to celebrate with me for the weekend.”

What would be on your Ina Garten dinner party menu?

(Image Credit: Nikki Garvey)