Celebrations: Wedding Dessert Reception Menu

We’re hard at work on the preparations for this dessert reception we’re helping throw for a friend’s wedding – 350 people! We have the cooking equivalent of a barn-raising coming up in a couple weeks, with other friends to help roll truffles, bake cookies, and stir jam.

After reflection on the tastes and constraints of the season, here is the menu we came up with, after the jump. We’ll be sharing recipes and tips over the next couple of weeks.

Some of our particular constraints centered around the cake. There will be two flavors of cake (not baked by us!) – almond with apricot filling, and dark chocolate. So we wanted to complement those flavors and also avoid any other cake-type desserts, since there will be more than enough cake.

Assorted Truffles

Dark Chocolate on Mint Leaves

Sparkling Champagne

Orange & Vanilla

Meringue Bites
Cherry Kirsch
Vanilla Rum
Tropical Coconut

Lemon Melting Moments
With Candied Mimosa

Vanilla-Plum Verrines
Vanilla Custard Cream Layered
with Rosewater Plum Compote,
Cinnamon Pecans
& Spiced Whipped Cream

Quartet of Autumn Ice Creams
Pumpkin Coconut
Salted Caramel
Apple Cider Sorbet
Old-Fashioned Cocoa

Goat’s Milk Fudge
With Candied Lilac

(Image credit: Martha Stewart Weddings)