Cupboard Challenge! Super Mega Moving Edition

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cupboard Challenge! It’s moving season, and Raedia writes to us with a mega challenge – polish off the contents of ALL her cupboards.

She writes: My boyfriend and I are moving to Vermont at the end of the month, to a brand new house which isn’t QUITE done yet. As we’ll be kitchenless for a while, I’m now forced to confront all the mysterious jars that haunt the back of the fridge… remnants of culinary experiments that only used a tbsp of whatever it was.

So I pose to you a Cupboard Challenge- what can I possible make with any of these things?

List below the jump – extra credit to ideas that use the most stuff in one go.

Spicy italian pork sausages and chorizo
Israeli couscous
Rice paper wrappers
Frozen phyllo
Quince paste (membrillo)
Ground flaxseed
Oat bran
Red bean paste
Shrimp paste
Tamarind paste
Black bean paste
Honey mustard

One suggestion from us: Try little baked packages of phyllo wrapped around a paste of shrimp and tamarind, or membrillo – the sweet, jammy quince paste.

(Image credit: Gutenberg)