Chocolate Painting With The Great Jacques Torres

When you write a book about bean-to-bar chocolate and go on tour to talk about it, everyone assumes you're one of those Snooty Chocolate Society Members Only-type people who slowly nibble a sole square of dark chocolate after dinner. Inevitably before each event, some poor dessert-deprived soul would come up to me and whisper, "I like milk chocolate." The truth is that I gobble up all types of chocolate — including milk chocolate. The truth is that my favorite type of chocolate is milk chocolate (a kind called dark milk that combines the best of both worlds). The truth is that they shouldn't whisper; they should shout, "I love milk chocolate!" Because milk chocolate isn't just for uninformed children — it's for adults with refined palates too. That's why I'm on a crusade to make milk chocolate great again, starting with these 10 delicious treats for grown-ups.