Burned: Big Blender Mistake

[We’re here to blog all parts of our cooking lives: triumphs, questions, and the total disasters too. Welcome to Burned, an occasional look at the messy, smelly, and frustrating sides of working in the kitchen. Let’s learn from our mistakes together.]

We were creating a recipe for Lemon Basil ice cream. It was kitchen bliss: fresh cream and mint from the farmer’s market, good vanilla … our favorite way to spend a quiet Saturday morning.

The blender had a different idea. We switched the machine on and the blender pitcher split with the base. Herbal milky goo covered the counter, the three drawers below, and the floor too. We suddenly learned the hard way that the blender didn’t go together quite the way we thought it did.

Lesson learned: Keep the directions that come with the blender. Read them well. If you’re not sure if the blender is put together properly or not, test it with a small amount of water — over the sink — first.

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