Classic Gaming Lobby General discussion about classic gaming. Although we don't have a separate Odyssey, Intellivision, or ColecoVision board, that doesn't mean you can't talk about them here. Sun, 23 Sep 2018 02:08:01 +0000 Sun, 23 Sep 2018 02:08:01 +0000 IGN Boards /boards/forums/classic-gaming-lobby.5138/ Dumb console throw away stories Fri, 21 Sep 2018 03:03:16 +0000 /boards/threads/dumb-console-throw-away-stories.455184178/ /boards/threads/dumb-console-throw-away-stories.455184178/ (Night-X) Night-X
This idea just pop up because this one guy wanted me to fix his kid PS4 which just needed rebuilt data and a USB drive update on safe mode easy fix for me that take me about a hour. But some dumb reason this kid just throws out because he thinks it's completely broken when it just corrupted data with that frameware and that guy was not happy because he paid about $500 for it. Plus what made things worse is...

Dumb console throw away stories]]>
What Arcade fighting games do you play Wed, 19 Sep 2018 13:55:56 +0000 /boards/threads/what-arcade-fighting-games-do-you-play.455184521/ /boards/threads/what-arcade-fighting-games-do-you-play.455184521/ (KaiKaisTheGuy) KaiKaisTheGuy 2.) Virtua Fighter
3.) Marvel vs Capcom 2]]>
Is Allied Assault Really The Best MoH? Tue, 18 Sep 2018 22:34:07 +0000 /boards/threads/is-allied-assault-really-the-best-moh.455184666/ /boards/threads/is-allied-assault-really-the-best-moh.455184666/ (Old-School-Gamer1996) Old-School-Gamer1996
Is Allied Assault Really The Best MoH?]]>
Tony Hawk Underground. Anyone still play? Tue, 18 Sep 2018 02:01:49 +0000 /boards/threads/tony-hawk-underground-anyone-still-play.455160620/ /boards/threads/tony-hawk-underground-anyone-still-play.455160620/ (GhastlyN) GhastlyN
Late last night I was playing it for the first time for my Gamecube.

Fun game even though I don't skateboard in real life]]>
What classic game are you playing? Sun, 16 Sep 2018 15:00:37 +0000 /boards/threads/what-classic-game-are-you-playing.200500676/ /boards/threads/what-classic-game-are-you-playing.200500676/ (Clavius1408) Clavius1408 722 What YouTube Gamer am I Similar to? Fri, 14 Sep 2018 05:10:53 +0000 /boards/threads/what-youtube-gamer-am-i-similar-to.455183200/ /boards/threads/what-youtube-gamer-am-i-similar-to.455183200/ (askittiesburn) askittiesburn
Playing Animal Crossing Gamecube for 2018 Thu, 13 Sep 2018 02:11:03 +0000 /boards/threads/playing-animal-crossing-gamecube-for-2018.455108525/ /boards/threads/playing-animal-crossing-gamecube-for-2018.455108525/ (Night-X) Night-X
Plus the Welcome Amiibo update didn't really help it too well.

Asking if anyone having the same feeling lately?]]>
Anyone a fan of Ernie Reyes Jr? Tue, 11 Sep 2018 05:37:46 +0000 /boards/threads/anyone-a-fan-of-ernie-reyes-jr.455181033/ /boards/threads/anyone-a-fan-of-ernie-reyes-jr.455181033/ (VRex7) VRex7
Vanessa here, and I have a special announcement regarding Super Combat Fighter from Headless Chicken Games and Critical Depth Games. A special guest fighter will be punching and kicking his way to the arena: Ernie Reyes, Jr.!

Ernie is known for his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Surf Ninjas, The Rundown (with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), and Uncharted: Live Action Fan Film (with Nathan Fillion). Also, the multi-talented actor recently directed Wiz Khalifa's new music...

Anyone a fan of Ernie Reyes Jr?]]>
Do you need to play Epic Micky to play the sequel? Tue, 11 Sep 2018 05:08:01 +0000 /boards/threads/do-you-need-to-play-epic-micky-to-play-the-sequel.455180776/ /boards/threads/do-you-need-to-play-epic-micky-to-play-the-sequel.455180776/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
I meant to play it after a Warren Spector interview, cause didn't realize he was the one who made it, I mean you hear Disney Interactive, so isn't person who comes to mind.

But yeah, I started it, but just thought I'd ask before going back and beating it.]]>
Retro Fighter Super Combat Fighter is on Kickstarter Sat, 08 Sep 2018 10:35:05 +0000 /boards/threads/retro-fighter-super-combat-fighter-is-on-kickstarter.455180159/ /boards/threads/retro-fighter-super-combat-fighter-is-on-kickstarter.455180159/ (VRex7) VRex7
My name’s Vanessa, and I’m a community manager for Headless Chicken Games and Critical Depth Games – who are working on Super Combat Fighter, which has launched on Kickstarter! I grew up with arcade games, navigating my way through their mazes of cabinets and playing everything I could put a quarter into. Some of my favorites were fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I also played some Injustice: Gods Among Us competitively when it...

Retro Fighter Super Combat Fighter is on Kickstarter]]>
What was the first game to have a epilepsy warning on it??? Sun, 26 Aug 2018 23:54:27 +0000 /boards/threads/what-was-the-first-game-to-have-a-epilepsy-warning-on-it.455160823/ /boards/threads/what-was-the-first-game-to-have-a-epilepsy-warning-on-it.455160823/ (Classicnerd) Classicnerd
What was the first game to have a epilepsy warning on it???
-I mean in the game itself, not just in the manual.

The question occurred to me just now, when I realised every single game now has this epilepsy warning it shows you before it allows you to continue playing. Bit annoying, if you ask me.

So when it all started? During PS1 era? Does anyone know?]]>
looking for retro style games for Android or IOS Sat, 25 Aug 2018 21:06:01 +0000 /boards/threads/looking-for-retro-style-games-for-android-or-ios.455174312/ /boards/threads/looking-for-retro-style-games-for-android-or-ios.455174312/ (SaitamaChan12) SaitamaChan12 So please recommend me some game similar :)]]> 2 What is considered "Classic Gaming"? Wed, 22 Aug 2018 07:56:42 +0000 /boards/threads/what-is-considered-classic-gaming.455096951/ /boards/threads/what-is-considered-classic-gaming.455096951/ (korndoggydog) korndoggydog
Should we use the universal definition of classic that the music and car...

What is considered "Classic Gaming"?]]>
Best Genesis Phantasy Star Game? Wed, 22 Aug 2018 03:39:09 +0000 /boards/threads/best-genesis-phantasy-star-game.455162677/ /boards/threads/best-genesis-phantasy-star-game.455162677/ (brian.vespucci) brian.vespucci
Which one is best guys? II, III, IV?

I am also curious just how difficult these games are?]]>
Found a Sega Saturn in op-shop Mon, 20 Aug 2018 20:53:48 +0000 /boards/threads/found-a-sega-saturn-in-op-shop.455154600/ /boards/threads/found-a-sega-saturn-in-op-shop.455154600/ (Spacemoonkey) Spacemoonkey
Reckon I should buy it? It's $300aud, pretty much the price of a new console.]]>
Is Parasite Eve 1 and 2 still worth going back? Mon, 06 Aug 2018 15:39:09 +0000 /boards/threads/is-parasite-eve-1-and-2-still-worth-going-back.455151978/ /boards/threads/is-parasite-eve-1-and-2-still-worth-going-back.455151978/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
I saw them on sale on PS3 as PSone classics, for a couple bucks each and can't wait to buy them. I just can't find any information on them ever getting re-released or put on PC. I do have concerns, cause the last 2 games I went back to PS1 for that weren't remastered were MGS1 and Silent Hill 1, and they were pretty rough, in fact, I played Twin Snakes instead, and...

Is Parasite Eve 1 and 2 still worth going back?]]>
My left finger has a burning sensation while playing NES games. Fri, 03 Aug 2018 20:35:04 +0000 /boards/threads/my-left-finger-has-a-burning-sensation-while-playing-nes-games.455160549/ /boards/threads/my-left-finger-has-a-burning-sensation-while-playing-nes-games.455160549/ (pleasebringbackcrttv) pleasebringbackcrttv
My left finger has a burning sensation while playing NES games.]]>
Best Video Game Console of All Time Final Tue, 31 Jul 2018 16:45:51 +0000 /boards/threads/best-video-game-console-of-all-time-final.455078684/ /boards/threads/best-video-game-console-of-all-time-final.455078684/ (btfu149) btfu149
(1) Sony Playstation
(1) Sony Playstation 2

vote away!]]>
Games you got stuck in the before-Internet days? Tue, 31 Jul 2018 16:26:34 +0000 /boards/threads/games-you-got-stuck-in-the-before-internet-days.455080276/ /boards/threads/games-you-got-stuck-in-the-before-internet-days.455080276/ (gsilver) gsilver

So, what games did you get stuck on back in the day, because you didn't have internet access and thus weren't able to progress in the game? This is excluding the general "too hard" games where dexterity was the limiting factor, but rather where a walkthrough would have helped.

Some of mine:

Codename Iceman / Conquests of the Longbow - Adventure games were a big deal way back then, since the static-screen nature of them also let them have...

Games you got stuck in the before-Internet days?]]>
I Need help to fill this gaming survey. PLZ HELP ME Mon, 30 Jul 2018 04:45:39 +0000 /boards/threads/i-need-help-to-fill-this-gaming-survey-plz-help-me.455161092/ /boards/threads/i-need-help-to-fill-this-gaming-survey-plz-help-me.455161092/ (packman2766) packman2766 1 Top 10 Titles for each system (Gen 3 - Gen 6) Sat, 28 Jul 2018 04:29:09 +0000 /boards/threads/top-10-titles-for-each-system-gen-3-gen-6.455160016/ /boards/threads/top-10-titles-for-each-system-gen-3-gen-6.455160016/ (gencid) gencid
  • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
  • Rygar
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Ninja Gaiden II: Dark Sword of Chaos
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Blades of Steel
  • James Bond...

Top 10 Titles for each system (Gen 3 - Gen 6)]]>
How good is your memory, when it comes to games you used to play? Fri, 27 Jul 2018 04:37:16 +0000 /boards/threads/how-good-is-your-memory-when-it-comes-to-games-you-used-to-play.455139411/ /boards/threads/how-good-is-your-memory-when-it-comes-to-games-you-used-to-play.455139411/ (Classicnerd) Classicnerd
For example:
I had piles of games on PS1.
-but I can only remember faction of them.

I would buy PS1 games like all the time, play them for coupla days, and then trade them in. Very few games left lasting memory. Only the very best PS1 games are still on my shelves.

Only reason I remember games from C64 and Amiga era, is because I still have all those games on my shelves and cupboards.

Anyway, how about you?

Do you have excellent memory when it comes to...

How good is your memory, when it comes to games you used to play?]]>
How many of you have beaten the OG Castlevanias? Thu, 26 Jul 2018 21:20:21 +0000 /boards/threads/how-many-of-you-have-beaten-the-og-castlevanias.455142551/ /boards/threads/how-many-of-you-have-beaten-the-og-castlevanias.455142551/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
Dracula is pretty tough, I tried both the cross and juice, and finding it hard to kill him, assuming I could hit him every time he spawns, its like 16 perfect jumps, plus second phase where I haven't even gotten to, just know of it.]]>
Why do people play retro games? Thu, 26 Jul 2018 17:45:47 +0000 /boards/threads/why-do-people-play-retro-games.455122513/ /boards/threads/why-do-people-play-retro-games.455122513/ (kingbootothe) kingbootothe 27 When playing retro games how do you keep track of the passwords ? Thu, 26 Jul 2018 17:43:33 +0000 /boards/threads/when-playing-retro-games-how-do-you-keep-track-of-the-passwords.455139739/ /boards/threads/when-playing-retro-games-how-do-you-keep-track-of-the-passwords.455139739/ (badboykilla187) badboykilla187
When playing retro games how do you keep track of the passwords ?]]>
Three reasons why the PAL SNES is the best SNES Thu, 26 Jul 2018 16:25:37 +0000 /boards/threads/three-reasons-why-the-pal-snes-is-the-best-snes.455148624/ /boards/threads/three-reasons-why-the-pal-snes-is-the-best-snes.455148624/ (gencid) gencid
  • The system looks wonderful and is faithful to the original Japanese Super Famicom.
  • The system runs games faster and better, largely due to the 60 Hz frame rate and higher PAL resolution (540 lines vs NTSC 480 lines).
  • The system got EU exclusives that America never did like Terranigma and Stargate to name a few, both among my favorite 16-bit games ever.
  • [​IMG]]]>
    WRPG is phony genre Thu, 26 Jul 2018 03:07:20 +0000 /boards/threads/wrpg-is-phony-genre.455159049/ /boards/threads/wrpg-is-phony-genre.455159049/ (odh40) odh40
    WRPG's are nonsense as a genre. I mean Witcher 3 has Geralt/Ciri in real time combat with leveling, Skyrim has all the stats and character creation of RPG, but real time combat? Not true...

    WRPG is phony genre]]>
    Greatest Video Games of All Time (pre-2006) Thu, 26 Jul 2018 01:49:59 +0000 /boards/threads/greatest-video-games-of-all-time-pre-2006.455147842/ /boards/threads/greatest-video-games-of-all-time-pre-2006.455147842/ (WarWario) WarWario
    2. Lunar: Eternal Blue (Sega CD)

    3. Age of Empires 2

    4. Day of the Tentacle

    5. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

    6. Phantasy Star Online

    7. Sonic 3 & Knuckles

    8. Planetside

    9. Half-Life

    10. Asheron’s Call

    11. Contra: Hard Corps

    12. Onimusha

    13. Suikoden II

    14. Everquest (Vanilla-Velious)

    15. Resident Evil 4

    16. NFL Blitz

    17. Devil May Cry 3

    18. Soul Calibur 2

    19. Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

    20. Mike Tyson’s Punchout


    Greatest Video Games of All Time (pre-2006)]]>
    Anyone else think GTASA is better than V Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:16:10 +0000 /boards/threads/anyone-else-think-gtasa-is-better-than-v.455131609/ /boards/threads/anyone-else-think-gtasa-is-better-than-v.455131609/ (KingOfKingz1113) KingOfKingz1113
    Buying old Playstation sports games from thrift store Wed, 18 Jul 2018 08:39:51 +0000 /boards/threads/buying-old-playstation-sports-games-from-thrift-store.455155503/ /boards/threads/buying-old-playstation-sports-games-from-thrift-store.455155503/ (GhastlyN) GhastlyN
    is it just me or that other people the previous owners of old sports games they dont give a crap where they dont take care of their videogames they just dump off at a thrift store even if its old outdated old Playstation sports games?

    Do people have no souls anymore when and...

    Buying old Playstation sports games from thrift store]]>
    Why did they put 'Super' in front of every game title back then? Fri, 13 Jul 2018 21:06:42 +0000 /boards/threads/why-did-they-put-super-in-front-of-every-game-title-back-then.455154151/ /boards/threads/why-did-they-put-super-in-front-of-every-game-title-back-then.455154151/ (Classicnerd) Classicnerd Super keeps popping up all over the place.

    There's Super Metroid, Super Mario, Super Street Fighter, Super Bomberman, Super Hang On and so on and so forth.

    Why was this??? Why was the industry so keen on using the adjective Super in their game titles?
    -I mean, to me, it just makes the titles sound rather silly and childish..

    Got any answers to this? Why was Super such a trendy word back then? So...

    Why did they put 'Super' in front of every game title back then?]]>
    A Collector, Wanting some input! Thu, 12 Jul 2018 21:29:04 +0000 /boards/threads/a-collector-wanting-some-input.455062959/ /boards/threads/a-collector-wanting-some-input.455062959/ (splinterspike) splinterspike
    My name is Michael. I'm a 29 year guy who has gotten a bit nostalgic over the last years of so. So when the SNES Classic was announced I asked myself whether it would be worth going and waiting in line versus having the real thing. Obviously (You read the Title) I decided to go with the real thing. When I started I told myself no more than 10 games. The idea was, Have 10 games I know I would play, versus having 20 something games and only playing like 6 of them. Was the general...

    A Collector, Wanting some input!]]>
    Help me Identify Classic Car Racing Game (Arcade) Thu, 05 Jul 2018 07:15:19 +0000 /boards/threads/help-me-identify-classic-car-racing-game-arcade.455152022/ /boards/threads/help-me-identify-classic-car-racing-game-arcade.455152022/ (paulmend) paulmend
    The game was an Arcade Racing Game and had to be around 1984-1988. The Gameplay and graphics were Very similar in style to Super Sprint and Super Off-Road with one major exception. Instead of doing laps around 1 track you would get to the edge of the screen and a new screen/track...

    Help me Identify Classic Car Racing Game (Arcade)]]>
    Timesplitters 1 is Underappreciated Thu, 05 Jul 2018 00:12:05 +0000 /boards/threads/timesplitters-1-is-underappreciated.455150549/ /boards/threads/timesplitters-1-is-underappreciated.455150549/ (Old-School-Gamer1996) Old-School-Gamer1996
    Timesplitters 1 is Underappreciated]]>
    looking for an old arcade game, help! Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:11:35 +0000 /boards/threads/looking-for-an-old-arcade-game-help.455132787/ /boards/threads/looking-for-an-old-arcade-game-help.455132787/ (paolonox) paolonox 1 Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, still the best superhero game Sat, 23 Jun 2018 18:21:53 +0000 /boards/threads/hulk-ultimate-destruction-still-the-best-superhero-game.455127957/ /boards/threads/hulk-ultimate-destruction-still-the-best-superhero-game.455127957/ (Mavox) Mavox
    It was on OG Xbox, Gamecube, and ps2. Not sure how the emulators are.

    What Clasicc games would you like to see have an achievement system added, Wed, 20 Jun 2018 18:35:31 +0000 /boards/threads/what-clasicc-games-would-you-like-to-see-have-an-achievement-system-added.455137073/ /boards/threads/what-clasicc-games-would-you-like-to-see-have-an-achievement-system-added.455137073/ (Elvenking1985) Elvenking1985 3 Would you consider the N64/PS1 era to be the golden age of video games? Mon, 18 Jun 2018 21:55:54 +0000 /boards/threads/would-you-consider-the-n64-ps1-era-to-be-the-golden-age-of-video-games.454582453/ /boards/threads/would-you-consider-the-n64-ps1-era-to-be-the-golden-age-of-video-games.454582453/ (Aztecwarrior480) Aztecwarrior480 81 Must play Megaman on Legacy 1 and 2? Wed, 30 May 2018 07:38:03 +0000 /boards/threads/must-play-megaman-on-legacy-1-and-2.455133274/ /boards/threads/must-play-megaman-on-legacy-1-and-2.455133274/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
    I played Megman 1 on the Legacy for PC, and I just felt the game was weak. Now that I doubled dipped Megman Legacy for PS4, I decided to play Megaman 2, cause I remembered they were recarting it, and its crazy how much better it is, it's night and day difference like CV1 and 2, and I definitely love Megman 2 more, just like I love CV2 more, and when I...

    Must play Megaman on Legacy 1 and 2?]]>
    Metal Slug 3 was such an awesome game... Tue, 29 May 2018 04:57:43 +0000 /boards/threads/metal-slug-3-was-such-an-awesome-game.455138374/ /boards/threads/metal-slug-3-was-such-an-awesome-game.455138374/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
    I haven't touched the game since arcade back in the day, even then I barely remember the series, let alone this...

    Metal Slug 3 was such an awesome game...]]>
    I am the only one at school who likes classic games Tue, 29 May 2018 04:56:40 +0000 /boards/threads/i-am-the-only-one-at-school-who-likes-classic-games.455138869/ /boards/threads/i-am-the-only-one-at-school-who-likes-classic-games.455138869/ (KaiKaisTheGuy) KaiKaisTheGuy 2 Retro Game Collecting Sat, 26 May 2018 23:04:19 +0000 /boards/threads/retro-game-collecting.455137662/ /boards/threads/retro-game-collecting.455137662/ (davem1992ftw) davem1992ftw What games would ya'll recommend for the following consoles?

    Mega Drive (Genesis)
    SEGA Saturn
    Atari Jaguar
    How do you setup everything to play with ease?!? Wed, 23 May 2018 05:48:46 +0000 /boards/threads/how-do-you-setup-everything-to-play-with-ease.455125259/ /boards/threads/how-do-you-setup-everything-to-play-with-ease.455125259/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
    I'm just wondering what people do to game easier? Like I have my Genesis, PS3, RetroPi, and Wii in my bedroom, but even when I put a 1080 monitor and a CRT on the TV stand, I always feel like I'm unplugging shit, swapping controllers around and and...

    How do you setup everything to play with ease?!?]]>
    Did Anyone Play Rune Halls of Valhalla (2000) - Viking Melee Fighter Tue, 15 May 2018 18:14:00 +0000 /boards/threads/did-anyone-play-rune-halls-of-valhalla-2000-viking-melee-fighter.455133696/ /boards/threads/did-anyone-play-rune-halls-of-valhalla-2000-viking-melee-fighter.455133696/ (SudderlandD) SudderlandD
    It'd be cool to meet some old faces in the sequel,...

    Did Anyone Play Rune Halls of Valhalla (2000) - Viking Melee Fighter]]>
    Admitting to yourself that you don't like a classic game... Wed, 09 May 2018 11:25:59 +0000 /boards/threads/admitting-to-yourself-that-you-dont-like-a-classic-game.455046108/ /boards/threads/admitting-to-yourself-that-you-dont-like-a-classic-game.455046108/ (gsilver) gsilver
    Since I got the SNES Classic, I'm finding myself feeling this way about Secret of Mana. It's not bad or anything, it's just... Not for me?

    I dunno. It feels like I'm supposed to like it (and I do like a lot of its contemporaries) but after owning back on the SNES, then the Wii U, and now on the SNES Classic, I've tried to play it a number of times...

    Admitting to yourself that you don't like a classic game...]]>
    I found a mint OG PS1 for $15...EPIC!!! Mon, 30 Apr 2018 04:11:39 +0000 /boards/threads/i-found-a-mint-og-ps1-for-15-epic.455127329/ /boards/threads/i-found-a-mint-og-ps1-for-15-epic.455127329/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher
    I pulled out the two controllers and they are as mint as mint can be for used controllers, and I kid you not I'm blown away by the quality, the DS1 feels better than my DS4, and they look like they just got out of a box, I'm tripping out over how amazing they are.

    Yeah I've had a PS2 Slim that plays them and a PS3 that plays...

    I found a mint OG PS1 for $15...EPIC!!!]]>
    Doom 1 help!! Sat, 28 Apr 2018 00:52:39 +0000 /boards/threads/doom-1-help.455110400/ /boards/threads/doom-1-help.455110400/ (yocef) yocef 3 Has anyone tried any of the Homebrew Dreamcast titles? Wed, 25 Apr 2018 20:46:16 +0000 /boards/threads/has-anyone-tried-any-of-the-homebrew-dreamcast-titles.455122682/ /boards/threads/has-anyone-tried-any-of-the-homebrew-dreamcast-titles.455122682/ (btfu149) btfu149
    Theres like 9 Super Mario All Stars you can buy, are they a good quality similar to the original Super Mario World?]]>
    Is my CRT TV fixable?!? Sun, 22 Apr 2018 06:54:05 +0000 /boards/threads/is-my-crt-tv-fixable.455124311/ /boards/threads/is-my-crt-tv-fixable.455124311/ (SaltSlasher) SaltSlasher

    Ready Player One - Classic Gaming Lobby Community Thread! Thu, 19 Apr 2018 17:28:43 +0000 /boards/threads/ready-player-one-classic-gaming-lobby-community-thread.454609346/ /boards/threads/ready-player-one-classic-gaming-lobby-community-thread.454609346/ (Cheski) Cheski

    Welcome to the Classic Gaming Lobby Community Thread! Feel free to chat about anything here, both retro gaming related and anything off topic. Of course, the ToS applies, but feel free to chat about anything.]]>