Are Food Blogs Over?

The understatement of the morning: food blogs are everywhere. This is not news. But a recent article in New York Magazine about a young New Yorker who spends most of her money on food had one line that’s caused a stir online: “The food blogs are still big, but they really had their moment in the early aughts.” Are food blogs over?

That’s the question posed by Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet, and he says hardly. But starting a food blog now than, say, in 2004 is a very different deal. Back then it was pretty free-form, but now all food blogs have pretty much the same look and format. As Roberts says:

Food blogs are all rather homogenous: bright colors, punny title, big, SLR-photographed pictures of food, lots of buttons for sharing and liking on Facebook, and a safe, crowd-pleasing writing style that wouldn’t be out of place in an airline magazine.

Food blogs over? No. But what’s needed now, according to Roberts, is something new to push the genre forward. Read the full article and then come back and tell us your thoughts!

Read the Full Article: Are Food Blogs Over?| The Amateur Gourmet

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