2020 Elections

The latest coverage of the 2020 presidential, House and Senate elections

  1. 2020 Elections

    Senators say intel officials will give more details on 2020 election interference

    The classified briefing comes amid rising tensions between Democrats and the intelligence community.

    The U.S. intelligence community is preparing to disclose more information to the public about foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election, top senators said Monday, as Democrats continue to push the Trump administration to detail Russia’s intentions.

    Their assessments came after senior officials, including Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, briefed senators in a classified setting in the Capitol on Monday about foreign efforts to meddle in the campaign, in addition to other issues related to election security.

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  2. 2020 Elections

    Trump’s assault on mail voting threatens his reelection bid

    The president's comments have made his base distrustful of mail voting ahead of an election that may hinge on turnout by mail.

    Donald Trump’s all-out war on mail voting is backfiring in battleground states.

    New private polling shared first with POLITICO showed that Republicans have become overwhelmingly concerned about mail balloting, which Trump has claimed, without evidence, will lead to widespread voter fraud. A potentially decisive slice of Trump’s battleground-state base — 15 percent of Trump voters in Florida, 12 percent in Pennsylvania and 10 percent in Michigan — said that getting a ballot in the mail would make them less likely to vote in November.

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  3. 2020 Election

    Trump campaign restarts TV advertising with spots slamming Biden

    The media offensive comes after the president’s campaign went dark on television airwaves last week amid a reevaluation of advertising strategy.

    President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released two new advertisements Monday casting former Vice President Joe Biden as beholden to the left wing of the Democratic Party, deploying the 30-second spots in four early voting swing states.

    The media offensive comes after the president’s campaign went dark on television airwaves last week amid a reevaluation of its advertising strategy by Bill Stepien, Trump’s newly installed campaign manager.

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  4. 2020 elections

    Trump pledges lawsuit to block mail-in voting in Nevada

    State lawmakers have approved a bill to automatically send mail-in ballots to voters.

    President Donald Trump plans to sue to stop Nevada from issuing mailed ballots to all active voters, he announced at a White House briefing on Monday.

    Trump had already threatened legal action earlier in the day, suggesting mailed ballots would make it impossible for Republicans to win there in the November general election. Nevada state lawmakers approved legislation on Sunday to automatically send mail-in ballots to voters. Gov. Stephen Sisolak of Nevada, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into law. Trump said he planned to have the lawsuit filed Tuesday.

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  5. 2020 Elections

    Biden VP short-listers jockey as search enters final round in secrecy

    Some of the contenders are in the dark about their interviews with Biden — including whether they will be done in person or virtually.

    The competition to be named Joe Biden’s running mate has entered the final stretch with huge unknowns about how it will unfold — among even some of the candidates themselves.

    At least some of the contenders were in the dark on Sunday about their upcoming interviews with Biden: They were told to be prepared for in-person sit-downs, while at the same time cautioned that could change due to health and logistical concerns surrounding Covid-19.

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  6. 2020 Elections

    PACs hit Trump for ‘police state,’ racism and Covid in ads targeting Black voters

    One of the spots by Priorities USA and Color of Change PAC was rejected by Google because of images of police violence against protesters.

    Two Democratic PACS are using footage of recent police violence against protesters, President Donald Trump’s past comments about Black voters, and images of mass coronavirus graves in new ads aimed at persuading Black voters.

    Priorities USA and Color of Change PAC are set to launch five new digital ads — three of them on Monday — in a roughly half-million-dollar buy. It's part of a larger, $3.4 million persuasion effort focused on Black voters that the two groups are running through the election in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

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  7. Congress

    Republicans prep for leadership battle if Trump goes down

    Trump loyalists and establishment-aligned conservatives in the House are already jockeying ahead of November.

    The maneuvering for power in a possible post-Trump world has already broken out among House Republicans — a worrisome preview for the GOP of potentially chaotic leadership fights this fall.

    The party’s long-simmering divides were largely papered over after Donald Trump won the White House in 2016. But members expect the truce among the GOP’s warring factions to crumble if Trump’s presidency ends, and the current leadership could face the fallout.

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  8. 2020 Elections

    Trump campaign nears point of no return

    Early voting begins in several key swing states next month, leaving a ‘dwindling window of time’ for the president to turn the race around.

    Time is running out on Donald Trump.

    While there are still 92 days until Election Day, the president has as little as half as much time to begin closing the gap with Joe Biden, according to interviews with nearly two dozen Republican and Democratic Party officials and strategists.

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  9. 2020 elections

    Pelosi says mail-in voting is essential for Americans’ health

    The California Democrat went on the offensive, noting that Trump’s family members have advocated mail-in voting in advertisements.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that mail-in voting in the upcoming election will be an essential option for Americans‘ safety and well-being, despite President Donald Trump’s claims that mail-in voting will lead to fraud and delays.

    On ABC’s “This Week,” Pelosi went on the offensive about Trump’s claims — noting that the president’s family members, including Donald Trump Jr., advocated mail-in voting for a special election earlier this year in California.

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  10. 2020 Elections

    Poll: Biden slightly ahead in North Carolina, Georgia

    The presumptive Democratic nominee has made inroads among white voters.

    Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has made inroads among white voters in two Southern states, improving his chances in North Carolina and Georgia, according to a CBS News poll released Sunday.

    The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll showed Biden leading President Donald Trump in North Carolina, 48 percent to 44, and edging Trump in Georgia by a single percentage point, 46 to 45.

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  11. 2020 Elections

    Jim Clyburn: Trump is Mussolini

    The South Carolina Democrat compares the president to the Italian dictator.

    House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn on Sunday likened President Donald Trump to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, warning that Trump would resist leaving office.

    The South Carolina lawmaker and No. 3 House Democrat said on CNN's "State of the Union" that Trump has taken up "strong-arm tactics." Trump ignited an uproar last week after he floated the idea of delaying the November election, which he lacks the authority to do.

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  12. 2020 elections

    ‘Hating Joe Biden doesn’t juice up their base’: Key swing state slips away from Trump

    Trump has trailed in every public poll in Pennsylvania since June.


    PHILADELPHIA — Senior citizens and suburban voters are sinking President Donald Trump’s campaign across the country.

    But here in Pennsylvania — home to one of the largest populations of residents age 65 or older and where suburbanites comprise more than half of the electorate — their defection to Joe Biden is hurting Trump even more acutely.

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  13. Elections

    GOP dread over possible Kobach nomination in Kansas

    Republicans fear that Democratic meddling has helped to erase Roger Marshall’s lead in this week’s primary, potentially costing the party a Senate seat and perhaps its majority.

    On Thursday, the top operative for Senate Republicans' campaign arm appeared on a private Zoom call organized by GOP operatives to discuss the party's efforts to stave off a Democratic takeover.

    During the presentation, National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director Kevin McLaughlin warned that if hardline conservative Kris Kobach wins next Tuesday's Kansas Senate primary, it could doom the GOP Senate majority — and perhaps even hurt President Donald Trump in a state that hasn't voted Democratic since 1964.

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  14. Biden 2020

    Biden calls on Congress to pass emergency housing package

    Biden’s statement comes as a high proportion of rent and mortgage payments are due Saturday, the start of a new month.

    Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Saturday urged Congress to pass an emergency housing package after boosted federal unemployment benefits and a moratorium on evictions both expired.

    The former vice president also slammed President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for allowing the Senate to go home for the weekend without an agreement to extend the increased federal unemployment benefits.

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  15. 2020 elections

    ‘We don’t need someone distracted with Twitter’: Ilhan Omar fights off tough primary challenge

    The Minnesota freshman and "Squad" member faces criticism that she’s too divisive to effectively represent her district.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is one of the best-known Democrats from the class of 2018, a lightning-rod member of the Squad whose outspoken liberal politics have made her an enemy of Donald Trump.

    Back home in Minneapolis, however, her polarizing national profile is complicating her bid to win a second term.

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  16. 2020 elections

    Harris allies granted call with Biden campaign after Dodd blowup

    Multiple prominent California politicians sang her praises to Biden's vetting team.

    Allies of Kamala Harris sought and received a meeting with Joe Biden’s campaign staff this week after a leader of his vice presidential vetting team was quoted doubting whether she’d be a loyal No. 2.

    Prominent supporters of the California senator asked for the virtual sit-down on the heels of a POLITICO report Monday that Harris is not a lock for VP. It quoted former Sen. Chris Dodd, one of four members of the vetting unit, remarking to a prominent Democratic donor that Harris had “no remorse” for attacking Biden during a debate last year. Biden’s campaign at the time viewed the attack — Harris went after Biden for opposing a school busing program — as a cheap shot contrived to make him look racially insensitive.

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  17. 2020 elections

    Coronavirus creates election worker shortage ahead of November

    Local election authorities typically rely on older volunteers, who are dropping out in higher numbers over coronavirus fears.

    First it was toilet paper. Then it was cleaning supplies. Now, a new coronavirus-era shortage is threatening the November election: Poll workers.

    Recruiting volunteers to check in voters, supply ballots and deal with issues has never been easy for election administrators. But in interviews and public statements, more than a dozen election administrators and voting advocates warned that slow poll worker recruitment could be a major vulnerability for the 2020 election.

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  18. 2020 Elections

    Trump's top strategist reboots campaign with focus on early-voting states

    The president's campaign unexpectedly went dark on TV earlier this week as new campaign manager Bill Stepien conducts a spending review.


    President Donald Trump’s campaign is reorienting its summer TV advertising strategy to focus on states that will begin voting sooner than others, after the reelection went dark on TV in an unusual move this week, leaving the airwaves to Joe Biden.

    Trump's campaign will begin running ads Monday in a cluster of states ahead of the early voting period. The move represents a shift for the campaign, which for months has been spending heavily in a wide array of battlegrounds. Bill Stepien, Trump’s newly appointed campaign manager, has spent recent days reevaluating the advertising strategy as the president gears up for the final three months of the election.

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  19. Technology

    Adobe to ban political ads on its platform

    The move makes it the latest tech company to curb political advertising ahead of election.

    Adobe said Friday it will stop allowing political ads on its platform on Aug. 30, making it the latest tech company to restrict political ads in the run-up to the presidential election.

    The move follows Twitter outright banning political ads on its website last year, and Google and Facebook adding restrictions to political ads running on their platforms.

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  20. White House

    Trump predicts this year will bring the 'greatest election disaster in history'

    The president also reversed himself and said he wished the Nov. 3 election would be moved up.

    President Donald Trump on Friday continued to deliver warnings of chaos surrounding the use of mail-in ballots in November’s election, predicting that the upcoming general election will be “the greatest election disaster in history.”

    “This will be catastrophic for our nation. You'll see it,” Trump asserted in a meeting at the White House with police groups. “I'm always right about things like this. I guess I must be, or I wouldn't be sitting here,” he added.

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